mural artistsSaint Paul Saints BEE ball
creating a mural with students
By first and fifth grade students from Groveland Park Elementary School.
(with the guidance of Cheryl Wilgren Clyne -

This mural was presented to the Saint Paul Saints and the fans by a team of first and fifth grade students. The concept was to wish everyone good luck, prosperity, and emphasize a love and the importance of our natural environments. The students created drawings of their ideas for the mural. The drawings were rich with symbolism and concepts surrounding our themes. I created a design from their drawings to begin the first day of painting with 74 students. The students who were not painting, drew new ideas for phase 2, wrote about the project and toured the ballpark. The new ideas were implemented into the mural design and painted on day two and three of the project. On day four students applied the finishing touches to the project.